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Next Steps & Feedback

We believe Castle End Gardens is the right proposal to help the Borough plan for its future needs, provide balance to the recent growth in the south of the Borough and deliver benefits for the local area.

We would encourage everyone to respond to Wokingham Borough Council’s Local Plan consultation and make their views known about where the Borough’s future growth should be located.

We would also like to hear your feedback. Please complete the questionnaire below or you can email us at: castleendgardens@berkeleygroup.co.uk.

    1 - Are you a


    2 - Please provide us with your post code

    3 - What do you think of our proposal for growth in the north of the Borough near Twyford rather than more development in the south of the Borough?

    4 - What do you think of our proposals to improve the parking and infrastructure at Twyford Station?

    5 - What do you think of our proposal for a relief road to help improve congestion in the centre of the village?

    6 - Please tell us how important the following facilities are to you? (tick all appropriate boxes)

    Primary School

    Secondary School Expansion

    Nursery /Early Years provision

    Community Space

    Health Centre

    Outdoor Sports

    Play Areas

    7 - What types of new homes do you think are most needed in the Twyford area? (tick all that apply)

    8 - What do you think of our proposals to provide a network of green open spaces including tree planting and improved habitats for wildlife?

    9 - Do you have any other comments or feedback about our proposals?

    10 - If you would like to hear more our about our plans please provide your email address below