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Improving Local Infrastructure

Transport Hub

Twyford hosts the only Elizabeth Line station in Wokingham Borough. The Elizabeth Line has increased the capacity for rail travel, for the first time providing direct services to central London and beyond.

However, Twyford station has not received any significant investment or upgrade.

Our plans include valuable benefits to improve the facilities at Twyford Station. Increasing the capacity of the station car park will provide immediate advantages to existing residents and help meet future demand.
Working with Wokingham Borough Council, Network Rail and the local community, we can facilitate delivery of new car parking on the existing station site or in another suitable location to be agreed.

Berkeley is committed to supporting sustainable travel and would work with local transport providers to ensure that access to both bus and rail services for existing and new residents is significantly improved.

In addition, new and improved pedestrian and cycle routes to the station and other local destinations would be provided.

Berkeley has previously provided evidence to demonstrate that a new railway station could be provided as part of our masterplan. This remains an option, subject to agreement with Network Rail and Wokingham Borough Council. However, following consultation feedback, we believe that delivering improvements to the existing railway station, in particular new car parking and improved access, are likely to be more achievable.

Berkeley is committed to working collaboratively with TfL, GWR and Network Rail as well as Wokingham Borough Council and local people to develop these plans.

Relieving Congestion

The centre of the Twyford currently suffers from traffic congestion and air pollution, which is eroding local character and could impact public health.

Castle End Gardens can help to address this issue through the creation of a new road linking the A4 via Castle End Gardens to Stanlake Lane. This will provide an alternative route for traffic to avoid the centre of the village, helping to manage congestion.

Alongside this improvement Castle End Gardens would provide genuine alternatives to private car use through creating convenient, safe and attractive routes for cycling and walking.