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Rebalancing Growth

Over the last 10 years 97% of the Wokingham Borough’s housing growth has been in the south of the Borough with just 3% in the northern parishes of Charvil, Remenham, Ruscombe, Sonning, Twyford and Wargrave.

All four of Wokingham Borough’s existing Strategic Development Locations are in the south of the Borough.

This pattern of growth has placed significant pressure on infrastructure, including around Wokingham itself, especially the local road network.

Meanwhile a lack of recent growth in the Twyford area has meant that local housing needs are not being met. The shortage of new homes has led to a 13% decline in the proportion of younger age groups in the local population since 2002.

Without new growth in the area this trend is expected to continue and the local community is likely to become increasingly exclusive, dominated by older age groups and lacking in new homes to accommodate young people and families.

Through Wokingham’s new Local Plan there is an opportunity to allocate land for development in the north of the Borough near Twyford and achieve a more balanced strategy.

Local Authorities can review Green Belt boundaries when they review their Local Plans. In this case, there is an opportunity to create a sustainable new neighbourhood and homes near to the Borough’s best public transport links and to reduce pressure on the south of the Borough.

Rebalancing Growth Twyford Gardens